Champion: The Luxury Hybrid Watch of Engineering Design

Health Innovation

FTD InnoTech Hybrid Smart Watch excels the other smartwatches in both the premium materials and the 24/7 health tracking functions. The classic design blends with the most advanced features of a smartwatch allows you to match up easily with your daily dress code.

Health Care Hybrid Smartwatch - 24/7 Health Tracking

FTD InnoTech Hybrid Smart Watch supports the basic health monitoring functions for users having a better health and fitness plan, no matter you are at rest or exercising. Especially the sedentary reminder, which is very helpful to those who always sit in the office for all day long.

Still need to use a big device measuring the blood pressure? No, FTD InnoTech Hybrid Smart Watch can do it now. Through connecting to the app and clicking a few buttons, you will be able to measure the blood measure within 2 minutes. Moreover, you will also know the blood oxygen level and some other monitors like atrial fibrillation. With reference to the data measured by FTD InnoTech Hybrid Smart Watch, it will be the best hybrid smartwatch for monitoring your cardiac health 24 hours a day in a more effective way.

Premium Materials make it as luxury

  • Swiss Movement Ronda: High accuracy

  • Watch size: 38~46.9mm (varies among series)

  • Watch Case: 316L Stainless Steel

  • Fine Genuine Italian Leather Strip with fast removal mechanism that allows easier changing for your favourite strap anytime.

  • Top Glass: Sapphire

  • Dial with Luminous Indication

  • Water Resistant 50 Meters 

Health Care Functions:

  • Blood Pressure Measurement and Monitoring

  • Heart Rate Measurement and Monitoring

  • Blood Oximeter Measurement and Monitoring

  • Atrial Fibrillation Monitoring

  • Sedentary Reminder

  • Risk Alert

  • Sleep Monitoring

  • Calories

  • Pedometer

Champion First Launched in KickStarter:

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