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Product Specifications:

  • Nano SIM (4G)
  • SOS Function & Call Receiving
  • Bluetooth (BT 4.0)/GPS
  • Water Proof: IP68
  • Two-way Talk
  • Battery: Wireless Charging


Health Care Functions:

  • Blood Pressure Measurement and Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Measurement and Monitoring
  • Pedometer
  • 24 Hrs Monitoring



1-year worldwide warranty

CE Mark Certified


Premium box includes:

  • Health SmartWatch X 1
  • Wireless Charger X 1
  • User Manual X 1

WheelCare2 - Health Care Smart Watch (A024-2)

  • WheelCare: A more caring solution for the disables

    WheelCare is well designed for both carers and those with mobility difficulties (especially the elderly) are always connected.


    Health Smartwatch is the best buddy to the elders​​​​​​/disables

    When the carer is away from the elder more than 15m, what should we do? If the tracking system is the 1st protection, then the smartwatch will be the 2nd protection to avoid missing the elder in a longer distance range:  

    (1) Ask the elder to wear the smartwatch before going out 
    (2) Same as the tracking system, you have to download an app for the smartwatch 
    (3) Simply click the GPS icon, the map will show the current location of the elder 
    (4) Find the elder successfully

    Apart from the GPS, the smartwatch supports not only 4G and basic functions like voice and video call but also the heath tracking features such as Heart Rate and Blood Pressure, which makes it the best smart buddy to the elderly.

    With the smartwatch, your parents can make calls anytime anywhere instead of the clumsy mobile phone. It can be a fashionable hand watch, a necklace or, put aside on the armchair as they want.


    Your Care, We Care

    Imagine your parents or grandparents suffering from mobility difficulties, you may immediately come up with 2 things: (i) Wheelchair (ii) Carer. To facilitate this situation, we have thought of a fully caring solution to enhance the user experience from hardware to software meanwhile you, as a family member, will also feel comfy to buy for your beloved ones.


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