Product Features Highlight:

  • It is made from durable Lightweight Aluminium that allows it to hold up a weight of 136 kg (~300 lb) yet it is 6.6 kg only.
  • It is foldable with size 800mmX615mmX280mm only, that can easily fit into narrow spaces or compactly for storage and even fit for most of the vehicles compartment and much more convenient for travelling.
  • It features bi-level hand grips for transitions in and out of the chairs.
  • WheelCare Walking Aids, come with a walking stick mount, comfortable seat and a back support for resting, a utility basket for carrying your belongings or stuffs after shopping. 
  • WheelCare Walking Aids has wheels and allows the user, who may not be able to lift a walker without being fatigued, the freedom to walk while having their weight partially supported. It offer the user a seat so they can rest.
  • The two front tires rotate 360° and rear tires come with breaks for stability. 
  • Flexible height adjustable removable back and height adjustable ergonomic handles conform to the individual user needs. 
  • Using Bluetooth technology, the embedded smart tracking system will alert when the carer is out of the preset distance (between the carer and the elder)

WheelCare - Walking Aids (A022-3)

  • A caring solution not only to keep users balanced when walking but to have carers and those with mobility difficulties always connected