WheelCare2, offers a wide range of functions, while it provides not only mobility and short-distance tracking alert, it is now also equipped with long-distance GPS location alert, allowing you to keep track of the user’s whereabouts to ease your worry. WheelCare2 providing double protection to the elderly who have mobility difficulties and to the carers who won't be afraid of getting them lost.

Your Care, We Care

Imagine your parents or grandparents suffering from mobility difficulties, you may immediately come up with 3 things: (i) Wheelchair (ii) Carer (iii) His/Her Family. To facilitate this situation, we have thought of a fully caring solution to enhance the user experience from hardware to software meanwhile you, as a family member, will also feel comfy to buy for your beloved ones.

WheelCare2 is,

  • A Power Wheelchair embedded with both blue tooth and GPS tracking system

  • It is Electrical, Light Weight and Foldable Wheel Chair

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